Hand in Hand

Hand in hand we need to act
always united with the elderly,
no exclusion because of the weakness
of an old man crying in sorrow.

We must go hand in hand, and
be modeles for our children,
not gather as egoists,
because they are usually alone.

Hand in hand we have to live,
whether in prosperity or poverty,
must learn to understand,
that we are in the same boat.

Hand in hand, we must love,
Always willing to be honest,
as God wants to see from us,
without enmity, hatred and envy.

- Norbert van Tiggelen

The association „Hand in Hand against Tay-Sachs“ was founded in August 2012.
The idea, however, was already born one year before the founding, from Eva Irran, but it only came to the emergence with the help from dear friends who are today themselves members of the Board.
The association has started its activity immediately after founding and got down to work, to plan and carry out events. See events.