What we’ve achieved so far:

1.charitable Flea Market/Yard Sale 2012


n Saturday, November 3, 2012, it finally happened! We, the club "hand in hand against Tay-Sachs and other rare metabolic disorders, as well as VACTERL syndrome" had our first Charity event, a charity flea market. Within 3 weeks we were able, with lots of great donations, to fill the whole gallery, in castle of Mondsee. We want to thank each of the great donors sincerely.

Tay-Sachs disease is a terrible disease, which leads to death within 3 - 5 years, and for which there are unfortunately neither treatment nor cure. But there is hope. The hope that the research in America, the "Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium" or the research in England, soon find a cure. It is very important to us to help, and therefore 50% of the proceeds of this flea market went to the research of the rare disease Tay-Sachs (which is financed from private donations) and 50% of the proceeds will benefit the affected families. Thanks all the generous donors, it is now already possible to do our part,  to help to soon find a cure, and to give hope to those affected families.

By 14o’clock it was done: In a brief interview the family Irran / Basic has her little daughter Haylie presented which suffers from Tay-Sachs syndrome. Also, the club was briefly introduced using a little speech of our club chairwoman Eva Irran. We hope to have given you a little insight into how horrible this disease is and how important it is to finally find a cure.

The team of BTV was to turn around a short film about the association as well as the disease from which small Haylie suffers. This can be viewed online on the website

Our first Charity event was a great success so now we want to thank.

A very big thank you to the numerous helping hands, and kind donors, without we would never have reached the princely sum of € 4212,94.

We also want to thank all of our sponsors: the company Logwin, through their donations we were able to transport all the donations, Susanne Lederer, which enabled us with their donation, the expenditure of the flyer and the equipment, and the company Europar for theire generous donations of the "Buffet goods" and of course our Mayor Mr. Feuerhuber, and the entire community Mondsee for donating the rental of the gallery in the Castle Mondsee.

With all our hearts we want to thank also the Golf Club Mondsee, especially Mr. Pichler, for the generous donation of
€ 4.500,- and at the company Dreamline over the equally generous donation of
€ 500,-.

All donations we could not sell at our flea market were donated to charity. A portion of the donations wandered to the Red Cross Mondsee (the ambulance), and the main part is already on the way to Africa. There were just created a school that you were able to support with your donation.



Christmas Market in Mondsee 2012


t the Christmas Market in Mondsee we could get a last minute place and were at November 24th in the form of a craft workshop in the cloister Mondsee, and at November 25th, and December 9th represented in the form of a "children Corner". The delicious sugar-free Organic children's punch was as much appeal as the lovingly hand-painted cups and with lots of love homemade gingerbread houses. We appreciated each and every visitor to the "Children Corner" and were able to collect a total turnover of
€ 1,108.10 in donations, with your help, despite the very hidden location.

Even at the children's craft workshop We have had a lot of fun and were very happy about all so hardworking and creative hands. We hope that the kids had as much fun as we had! With the help of the good parents, we were able to collect the princely sum of € 75, - in donations. We also hope to be back next year and are already looking forward to it!



Year 2012 in Review


e proudly look back on a very successful first year, even if it was only four months since the club was founded, and we are pleased to share the stunning conclusion with you!

On November 3rd 2012 we started the club working with our very first event, a charity flea market in the gallery in the Castle Mondsee and were able to achieve with your help, the considerable amount of
€ 4.212,94
in donati

Then I went with a really generous donation of Mondsee Golf Club, which she kindly donated our club. We want to thank you very much for the overwhelming amount of
€ 4.500,- for all involved!

As early as 24th And 25th November and the 9th December, we rang in the holiday season with a craft workshop for children and the “Children Corner” at Mondsee Christmas market, and were able to collect the princely sum of € 1.184,10. In addition, we reached on time for Christmas yet the generous donation of € 500,- of the company Dreamline. Thank you very much!

Thanks to your help, we can already have in our very first year, a sum of 10.397,04 recorded on our donation account, and half of this amount is already in brief forward to the research! And thanks to you and your active support we are already in a position this year for the first time to pass a donation to an affected child. Thus, even in brevity € 1000,- transferred to the small Ruby Backus from England to allow her and her family the next flight to Minnesota to the University Hospital. There, Ruby gets a new drug therapy from which they hoped to gain more time for her! Thank you to each of you that ye allow that!


Thank you for your